Fidget Feet go to Canada

Fidget Feet go to Canada

Fidget Feet go to Canada

Fidget Feet Aerial Dance Theatre brings its show ‘Hang On’ to Montreal this month. A struggle between the sexes, ‘Hang On’ mixes aerial dance trapeze with a live musical performance.

Dancers Lee Clayden and Chantal McCormick 
perform as respectable, suited business people who enter into a thrilling circle of combat, accompanied by the stirring score of musician Jym Daly.

Fidget Feet Aerial Dance Theatre is an internationally renowned company originating from Donegal, founded in 2004 by choreographer Chantal McCormick and musician Jym Daly. The Company creates spectacular indoor and outdoor productions, nationally and internationally, for theatres and festivals. Dance, aerial circus, theatre, music and video art are incorporated into their accessible, original and entertaining shows. Fidget Feet also recently completed a successful national and UK tour of their show ‘Catch Me’ and received five star reviews for their production of ‘Caught’, a modern re-telling of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, at the Dublin Fringe Festival.

‘Hang On’ will be performed on November 16th and 17th in the Oscar Peterson Concert Hall, supported by Culture Ireland and the Irish Theatre Institute, as part of CINARS. CINARS (International Exchange for the Performing Arts) is Montreal’s bi-annual international arts market. Founded in 1984 to promote Canadian artists in the development of overseas markets, it has expanded to become one of the world’s largest scale performing arts markets.

Watch a trailer of ‘Hang On’ here.

Image: Chantal McCormick and Lee Clayden in ‘Hang On’
Photo by: Vitalij Kazackov

Posted: 14.11.12