Culture Ireland’s 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Festival Showcase Programme

Culture Ireland’s 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Festival Showcase Programme

Culture Ireland’s 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Festival Showcase Programme

Culture Ireland invites applications to participate in its 2018 Edinburgh Festival Showcase Programme at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. This year, the Edinburgh Showcase Programme forms part of Culture Ireland GB18: Promoting Irish Arts in Britain programme.

The Edinburgh Fringe offers an important and unique platform for Irish theatre and dance artists to gain international recognition for their work and to generate further international touring opportunities.

Previous participants in Culture Ireland’s Showcase Programme have garnered awards, critical acclaim and new audiences in Edinburgh and have as a result furthered their international profiles.

The objectives of Culture Ireland's Edinburgh Fringe Festival Showcase Programme are:
• to showcase high quality Irish performances
• to generate further international touring opportunities
• to build Irish artists' connections with festival and venue presenters, producers and promoters

Applications must meet the following eligibility criteria:
• the proposed work must have been presented professionally in Ireland prior to March 2018
• work may not have already had international presentation
• have confirmed performances, presented as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, in a significant venue

Applications will be assessed on the basis of the following criteria:
• quality of production and presentation
• evidence of positive independent critical recognition
• evidence of financial and promotional commitment by Edinburgh venue
• capacity of the artist or company to avail of touring opportunities arising from inclusion in the Edinburgh showcase

Culture Ireland Support:
Culture Ireland will offer funding to successful applicants towards travel and accommodation costs. Culture Ireland will promote the successful applicants by means of a printed programme and a networking event.  A representative from the production must be available to attend the Culture Ireland’s networking event in Edinburgh to meet with international presenters.

How to apply:
Applicants must complete and submit a Showcase application online. Click here to submit application.  Supporting documentation MUST include:
• a detailed production budget including all sources of projected income and expenditure
• copies of reviews received to date
• invite from the venue
• High quality production images

Applications must be submitted online before the deadline of midnight Wednesday 28 February, 2018.

Posted: 21.02.18