Culture Ireland supports three Irish artists as part of Global Music Match 2021

Culture Ireland supports three Irish artists as part of Global Music Match 2021

Culture Ireland supports three Irish artists as part of Global Music Match 2021

Culture Ireland announces its support of three Irish artists – Dani Larkin, Megan O’Neill and Clare Sands – as part of Global Music Match 2021.

Following its debut last year, the 2021 edition of Global Music Match features 78 artists from 17 countries and four continents. The initiative, led by a network of international cultural promotion agencies and export offices, aims to create transnational networks and mentoring for artists leading to international opportunities and global audience engagement.

Artists from Australia, Brittany, Canada, Catalonia, Chile, Denmark, England, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Scotland, Taiwan, USA and Wales are set to collaborate over the coming months, in what is thought to be the world’s largest online musical matchmaking programme.

Ireland’s selected artists were chosen after an open call held earlier this year.

Dani Larkin is a singer-songwriter and folk musician from the Armagh-Monaghan border. Her songs are inspired by the folk tales she was raised with and blend elements of melodies and rhythms from around the world in a seamless and timeless tradition. She is also a multi-instrumentalist and her songs are highly individualistic while bound in Irish traditional music.

Megan O’Neill has just released Getting Comfortable with Uncertainty, her second full-length studio album in March. Her debut – Ghost of You – reached Number 1 in the iTunes UK and Ireland charts. To date, Megan has toured UK, US and Germany and plans to return to live international touring in the latter half of 2021 with return dates in Germany and UK as well as New Zealand.

Clare Sands was born in Cork and has deep roots in Northern Ireland and Wexford. She started learning the fiddle aged three, taught by her father, and is a sixth generation fiddler and multi-instrumentalist creating an eclectic and energetic sound rooted in Irish traditional music. She is a remarkably versatile musician, composer, performer and singer-songwriter.

The artists have been grouped into international teams, from different countries, and over the coming 12 weeks will collaborate with each other across social media. Each act has an assigned two-week Featured Artist period, during which time their five team-mates will introduce them to five new audiences around the globe - rotated amongst all artists, up to the end of August.

Each team is also led by an international mentor - all of whom are leading festival directors and programmers from around the world.

Further information is available at, or on social media, through the hashtag #GlobalMusicMatch

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Posted: 04.06.21