Expressions of interest -International Collaboration as part of UNESCO Year of Indigenous Languages

Expressions of interest -International Collaboration as part of UNESCO Year of Indigenous Languages

Expressions of interest -International Collaboration as part of UNESCO Year of Indigenous Languages

Culture Ireland in partnership with Wales Arts International (WAI) invites expressions of interest from professional Irish musicians and Irish language performers for participation in an international collaboration in Wales as part of UNESCO Year of Indigenous Language.

2019 is UNESCO Year of Indigenous Languages. As part of Wales’ celebration of this year and its own ancient language and culture, Wales Arts International (WAI) has been commissioned by the Welsh Government to deliver a programme of cultural responses. Culture Ireland is seeking emerging Irish professional musicians who have a passion for and are committed to performing in Irish, to participate in this partnership opportunity.

The event will include a showcase performance at a public event.

To be eligible to apply for this international career development opportunity, you will:
• Be available to participate in the project in Wales from November 21 to November 30 2019 with no other commitments during that time.
• Be a versatile professional vocalist or musician living and working in Ireland
• Have a proven track record of a commitment to developing your performance work through the Irish language and/or promoting the music culture of Ireland
• Be an emerging vocalist or musician committed to developing your work internationally
• Have at least one album on sale commercially / perform on at least one commercially sold album.
• Have a proven track record of professional performances within Ireland
•Be in a position to spend short periods of time performing overseas in the coming 18 months.


Please click on this link to complete our showcase application form and upload along with the following documentation before the deadline of midnight on 11th September 2019. 

• A biography outlining your music background, experience, key performances, music practice and current music projects.(maximum of 500 words)

• Details of your discography and recorded music output (maximum of 500 words)

• 3 recent professional recordings of your work (within the last 3 years) that demonstrate your work and music ability

• Links to your professional website and key social media sites.

• A declaration that you are:
     - free to participate in the project between 21 November and 30 November 2019 and have no outstanding commitments during that period.
     - able and willing to travel for short periods internationally in the 18 months following the initial project period.

• Details of two referees. These must be people who have hired you in a musical capacity (to perform or record) within the past 2 years.

Culture Ireland will shortlist a maximum of 5 artists and the final selection of 2 artists will be made by Wales Arts International on the basis of the following criteria
• quality of music and performance
• evidence of professional recording and positive independent critical recognition
• capacity of the artist to avail of touring opportunities arising from inclusion in the programme
• extent to which application meets the eligibility requirements
We will prioritise those with a capacity for instruments and vocals and/or proven songwriting or composition skills.

• Musicians and the project team will be accommodated and fully catered for in Wales in shared accommodation with some rehearsal space facilities.
• Travel costs and a flat rate per diem will be provided by Culture Ireland.  Accommodation costs and transport in Wales will be covered by WAI.
• Towards the end of the rehearsals, the collaboration work will be recorded for ongoing promotional purposes.
• 7 musicians will be gathered in total, of which 2 will be from Ireland. These will be mentored during a 7 day song and music writing retreat in Wales.
• Immediately following rehearsals, the musicians will perform the created work(s) at a public performance in Wales. Details to be finalised.
• It is anticipated that this group and its work will travel and perform overseas together in the following 18 months.

MAMIAITH, which is Welsh for ‘mother tongue’ aims to develop an international music collaboration between Welsh musicians and those of other key partner nations. These relationships will be based on comparative stories and experiences of speaking and performing in an indigenous language. The central purposes of this collaboration are to musically and creatively explore issues around indigenous languages and the cultures they carry, to learn from each other, to support music and creative growth and development of new work and new ideas, with the view of creating a performance / performances in Wales at the end of the residency. A recording of the work may act as promotional material to generate showcase and further performances of the work. We ask that each partner nation also commit to actively searching for performance opportunities for this project over the coming 18 months.

Posted: 30.08.19