Irish music gets on board with WOMEX World Music Expo

Irish music gets on board with WOMEX World Music Expo

Irish music gets on board with WOMEX World Music Expo

WOMEX 13 drew to a close on Sunday 27 October after five days and nights packed with busy global networking, music showcases, daily seminars and panel discussions.

Over 2,250 delegates and more than 300 artists from 100 countries came together in Cardiff for this year’s WOMEX World Music Expo.  With the Opening and Award Concert, Official Selection, DJ Summit, Horizons and offWOMEX, the 2013 Showcase Festival featured more than 60 acts from over 40 countries on seven stages across the city. 

In addition, 800 concert and festival bookers, tour promoters and venues; 560 labels, publishers and distributors; 680 booking agents; 560 managers; 270 producers and 300 national and international journalists, helped to make this one of the most successful WOMEX Expos.

Over 30 Irish artists, promoters and agents from Ireland and Northern Ireland joined the ranks of the WOMEXicans this year, with the showcasing artists – Kan, We Banjo 3 and DJ iZem – playing to capacity crowds.

Feedback from the showcasing acts at WOMEX  has been really positive:

"WOMEX was a huge opportunity for WeBanjo3. We have been touring extenstively in Ireland and the US for the past 18 months, and WOMEX presented the opportunity to open other touring possibilities. Showcasing at WOMEX, with the support of Culture Ireland and the Horizons initiative, provided us a direct conduit to promoters and bookers from all over the world. We were overwhelmed by the response to the showcase. We have been inspired to new heights after attending the event and meeting so many creative people. We will be forever indebted to Culture Ireland for allowing us this opportunity".

Click here to catch We Banjo 3 perform their opening track on the Horizons stage at WOMEX. (Tip: Skip the ad at the beginning)

DJ iZem also benefited greatly from the opportunity:

"Womex was an amazing experience! I met so many like-minded people from all around the world, had a lot of fun performing for a music savvy audience and filled my bag with tons of interesting CDs. It helped considerably extend my network and brought a lot of inspiration and fresh energy into my project".

Since its first edition in 1994 WOMEX has been travelling all across Europe  - from Berlin (1994), via Brussels (1995), Marseille (1997), Stockholm (1998), Berlin (1999 + 2000), Rotterdam (2001), Essen (2002 + 2004), Newcastle (2005), Sevilla (2003 + 2006-2008), Copenhagen (2009-2011), Thessalonki (2012) to Cardiff (2013).


Posted: 21.10.13