‘Translating 1916’ - Ireland Literature Exchange
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China, India, Latin America • Literature
01 Jan 2016— 31 Dec 2016

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‘Translating 1916’ - Ireland Literature Exchange

China, India
Latin America

The role of the Easter 1916 Rising in reviving the struggle for Irish independence is well-known in Anglophone countries. In the remainder of the world, however, the story of the Rising and the events of April 1916 are little known. This is especially true in non-European territories. As Ireland approaches the centenary of the Rising, it is important that the non-Anglophone world be invited to discover and understand the seminal role of this watershed event in Irish history.

Ireland Literature Exchange will provide a small number of subsidies to publishers in Brazil, China, India and Spanish-speaking Latin America to publish translations of specific, key works related to the 1916 Easter Rising by the following authors:

Sebastian Barry, A Long Long Way
Roddy Doyle, A Star Called Henry
Lia Mills, Fallen
Siobhán Parkinson, No Peace for Amelia
Gerard Whelan, The Guns of Easter
James Stephens, The Insurrection in Dublin

The availability of works related to the Rising will not only engage readers of different ages, languages and cultures and inform them about this historic event, but also generate a deeper interest in Ireland and its history and culture.

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