Irish Soldiers in 1916!
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France • Music • Visual Arts
04 Apr 2016— 13 May 2016

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Irish Soldiers in 1916!

Lens (62300), Galerie du Colisée, rue de Paris, France
Grenay (62160), Médiathèque Estaminet, 2 rue Jules Guesde, France

From the song, the “Green Fields of France” to more modern songs about the Irish rebellion, this concert with Jim McKee and Barry Kerr and their bands will speak about history through songs and texts and an exhibition of paintings of Irish soldiers in 1916. 

Irish Soldiers in 1916 ! Beside the Liffey or in the Trenches? In April 1916, Irish republican soldiers inflamed Dublin in a struggle for independence against Britain. At the same time, many Irish people were fighting side by side with the British in the trenches of Northern France.

The artists Barry Kerr and Jim McKee, both from Northern Ireland, invite us to a commemoration and exploration of these events through an exhibition of original paintings, specially produced for the occasion.