IFI International: 1916 – 2016 Centenary Programme
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Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Italy, Russia, United States • Film
02 Jan 2016— 30 Dec 2016

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IFI International: 1916 – 2016 Centenary Programme

Throughout 2016 IFI International presents a range of film programmes which reflect the evolution of Ireland as an independent state since 1916.

IFI International has curated a series of packages which draw on contemporary and archival materials – indigenous and foreign, fictional and factual – to enhance international audiences’ understanding of Ireland and the history that has shaped it.   The intention is to prompt interrogation of contemporary Irish society through a range of cinematic experiences.

The programme uses the events of 1916 as a point of departure from which to examine Ireland on film over the past 100 years.  Fiction films will address the 1916 – 1922 period in dramatic form whille a series of feature documentaries will provide state-of-the-nation reflections on Irish society in the following decades.

Programmes are tailored to meet  a range of exhibition needs and will be made available to new and perennial  IFI International partners throughout 2016.

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