Bandits Live Comfortably in the Ruins
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Great Britain • Visual Arts
02 Mar 2016— 03 Apr 2016

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Bandits Live Comfortably in the Ruins

Flat Time House
210 Bellenden Rd,
London SE15 4BW,
United Kingdom

Flat Time House presents Bandits Live Comfortably in The Ruins, curated by Irish artist Sean Lynch.

The exhibition broadly explores the attitudes that underpin human relationships to the environment. There is no masterplan of coherence here, or indeed any transcendental experience to be had. Instead, a series of artistic positions, objects and artefacts bargain and improvise through hard-won perseverance and novel invention. This loose grouping proposes no tranquil uniformity or comforts of identifying with history and heritage. Instead, everything constantly mutates, and nothing ever stays the same. Including works by Seanie Barron, Stephen Brandes, John Carson, Burke Kennedy Doyle, Michele Horrigan, Sam Keogh, John Latham, Fiona Marron, Eilis O’Connell, Freek Wambacq and materials from Country Life and British Telecom.

Bandits Live Comfortably In The Ruins forms part of a series of ongoing shows curated by Sean Lynch that investigate how friction, juxtaposition and individual agency shape and influence the contemporary environments we inhabit. Recent exhibitions by Lynch include the Venice Biennale, Modern Art Oxford and the Camden Arts Centre. In London, he is represented by the Ronchini Gallery. The exhibition is supported by Culture Ireland as part of its Ireland 2016 Centenary Programme, and by Lismore Castle Arts.