Grant Terms and Conditions


Grant means funding awarded by Culture Ireland to arts organisations, artists or groups working with the arts with the objective of promoting Irish arts worldwide
Grantee means a recipient of Culture Ireland funding
Event means the event, tour, project or exhibition being supported by a Grant


Conditions applying to the award of a Grant


Drawdown of a grant is dependent on the conditions below being fully and satisfactorily completed.


1. Grant Offer

In accepting a grant offer, the grantee accepts these conditions in full.

A grant may only be used for the specific costs approved by Culture Ireland as outlined in your grant offer and in a manner that maximises value for money.


2. Acknowledgement of Culture Ireland support

Grantees must acknowledge the support of Culture Ireland and the use of the appropriate Culture Ireland logo in all promotional material associated with an event including those of venue/festival/gallery, etc. Such recognition must match that given to corporate or other sponsors or donors for similar support. Compliance with this condition will be monitored and non-compliance will be regarded as a breach of these conditions. Culture Ireland reserves the right to request copies of all such promotional material publicising an event. Please click here to access logos and guidelines for their use.


3. Travel Advice, Insurance and Changes to Event


Please note that strict adherence to the Irish Government's travel advice is essential and travel insurance must be in place to cover any alterations to or cancellation of travel arrangements.


Culture Ireland’s agreement must be obtained in advance and in writing for any proposed alteration to the event (i.e. changes to date, venue, named artist or other significant element). Culture Ireland reserves the right to withdraw or revise its grant offer where significant changes to an event are involved.


Culture Ireland does not reimburse costs in cases where the event does not take place or travel is not undertaken. 


4. Online Report Form

Grantees must complete a post-event review using an online Report Form when submitting a grant drawdown claim. Please click here to access the Report Form. Culture Ireland reserves the right to withhold payment of a grant where the Report Form has been inadequately or inappropriately completed.


5. Media Coverage

You are required to email links to any press coverage, reviews and any relevant photographs, video or audio material in relation to the event to Culture Ireland. These may be used to publicise events supported by Culture Ireland, subject to all necessary permissions being obtained, and assist Culture Ireland when considering subsequent applications from a grantee. Such information should be submitted before, during and after an event takes place to:


6. Child Protection Policy

Irish-based grantees are obliged to inform Culture Ireland if their event will involve any work or activity that will involve contact with children or relates to the provision of educational, research, training, cultural, recreational, leisure, social or physical activities to children.  If the answer to the foregoing is yes, grantees are required to complete this checklist, which seeks to establish if a grantee’s Child Protection Policy complies with national guidelines. This must be emailed to All grantees should ensure that local child protection policies are in place where relevant.


7. Freedom of information

Information provided to Culture Ireland may be disclosed in response to a request made under the Freedom of Information Act 2014. Every effort will be made to protect grantees confidentiality in line with the terms of the Act.


8. Publication of Grant Awards and Privacy Statement

Culture Ireland has a policy of publishing relevant details of grants awarded online including but not necessarily limited to the names of the grantee, the amount of the grant offered and a summary of the proposed event. Culture Ireland operates under the following Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media obligations under GDPR:


The Department is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy and employs appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect your information from unauthorised access. The Department will not process your personal data for any purpose other than that for which they were collected. Personal data may be exchanged with other Government Departments, local authorities, agencies under the aegis of the Department, or other public bodies, in certain circumstances where this is provided for by law. The Department will only retain your personal data for as long as it is necessary for the purposes for which they were collected and subsequently processed. When the business need to retain this information has expired, it will be examined with a view to destroying the personal data as soon as possible, and in line with Department policy.


The Department’s Privacy Statement in relation to individual suppliers, payees and grantees can be found on our website at:

Further information on Data Protection can be found on the Department's website at:


9. Compliance with Government requirements on COVID-19

Funding is also subject to full compliance with all Government requirements on COVID-19 including:

- The Government’s Resilience and Recovery 2020-2021 – Plan for Living with COVID-19 (;
- The Government’s Stay Safe Guidelines (, and;
- The Government’s Return to Work Safely Protocols (