Culture Ireland Regular Grant Assessment Process

Culture Ireland’s regular grant funding scheme is designed to support the presentation and promotion of Irish arts internationally. Culture Ireland has changed the grant system schedule, increasing the number of grant rounds per year, to facilitate artists and global presenters in these challenging times, with closing dates every two months starting on 1st December 2020. The attached document which can be downloaded at end of page explains in detail how grant applications are assessed by Culture Ireland.


Eligibility:  Basic eligibility requirements apply in respect of an application for funding support - please click here for further information.


Please note that research opportunities, study or professional training, production costs, residencies, bursaries, amateur events, workshops/conferences, work by non-professional artists and works of a competitive nature are not eligible for support.


Application Form: all applicants are obliged to fully complete an online application form. Paper, email or faxed application forms will be declined.  Incomplete online applications will be deemed ineligible. In addition, where Culture Ireland requests that applicants provide additional information and applicants fail to do so, an application will be deemed ineligible.


Assessment: applications which meet the eligibility requirements and which have submitted all relevant online information are assessed by the Culture Ireland Executive in line with Culture Ireland’s published criteria.


Applications are also referred to independent external specialists in various artforms, drawn from a Specialist Panel who submit comments in terms of their knowledge of the artistic quality of the work for which support is being sought and the timing of this opportunity in the artists’ career to present as proposed.


The Irish Embassy/Consulate network is also invited to comment on applications in terms of impact of event, venue, promoter, geographic priorities, local knowledge and whether there might be wider strategic benefits for Ireland arising from a proposed event.


Taking into account the views of Specialist Experts, the Embassy network, and assessment by the Culture Ireland Executive, all eligible applications - with recommendations for funding - are submitted for consideration to Culture Ireland's Expert Advisory Committee. The full process in described in the attached document which you can download below. 


Note: because of the competitive nature and context of each grant round, limited funding and the large number of applicants, it is not possible to recommend funding for all eligible applicants. Eligibility and compliance with criteria for assessment alone does not guarantee that you will receive grant funding.