Drawing down your grant


Grant means funding awarded by Culture Ireland to arts organisations, artists or groups working with the arts with the objective of promoting Irish arts worldwide
Grantee means a recipient of Culture Ireland funding
Event means the event, tour, project or exhibition being supported by a Grant




Conditions applying to the drawdown of a Grant

1. Grant Drawdown

The following procedures must be followed when drawing down a grant. Failure to do so may delay the payment of a grant and/or the grant may be withdrawn.

Grantees are required to manage their drawdowns and the submission of receipts and any other documentation via email to grants@cultureireland.gov.ie unless directed otherwise.

2. Payment

Grants will only be paid directly into a bank account in the name of the grantee. Payment will not be made to any third parties. Payment will be made by electronic funds transfer (EFT) and all grantees (unless previously in receipt of a grant from Culture Ireland) must submit a Bank Details Form prior to submitting a claim.

3. Tax Details

Grantees are required to supply a valid tax ID both on the Bank Details Form and when applying online.

In addition the following documentation must be provided depending on individual circumstances:


  for Irish based companies – screenshot from Revenue online account showing tax registration details (ID and tax Type); in order to do this they will need to:
i.     Log into ROS
ii.    Proceed to the “Revenue Record” Tab at the top of the page
iii.   On the “Revenue Record” page on the left hand side please select “Registration Details”
If the tax type (Corporation/Income tax) is not displayed on this screen, a copy of an official document from Revenue Commissioners outlining company’s Name, Tax ID and Tax Type will have to be provided instead.

  for Irish based self-employed/ self-assessed individuals – a copy of Self-Assessment form showing their name, tax registration number and Income Tax classification

•  for Irish based employees – a copy/ screenshot of Tax Credit Certificate showing their PPS number and name (this can be found on Ros.ie/myaccounts/mydocuments)

  for foreign non resident payees (whether or not registered for Irish tax) – verification of foreign tax ID (i.e. official document from relevant foreign tax authorities)


* Please note, where a payee has received payments from public funds to the value of €10,000 or more within a rolling 12 months period, eTax Clearance will also be required.
Irish based payees should apply online via Revenue On-Line (ROS) or contact their local tax district office to apply for eTax Clearance. Non-resident applicants can apply for eTax Clearance through electronic Tax Clearance (eTC) system (if registered for Irish tax) or by completing a TC1 Form and sending it to nonrestaxclearance@revenue.ie (if not registered for Irish tax). Further information is available here.


Where applicable, grantees are required to supply their Tax Clearance Access Number (TCAN), which along with their PPSN/Reference number, enables Culture Ireland to verify a grantee’s tax status via ROS at payment authorisation stage. The TCAN is generated when you apply for eTax clearance.

4. Drawdown date

Your grant must be claimed within SIX WEEKS period after the event taking place. Payment cannot be guaranteed if you do not claim within this deadline.

Culture Ireland will not pay grants before the event takes place.

Note that the deadline for submitting claims for payment in any calendar year is 15 November. Claims submitted after this date may not be processed until January of the following year.

5. Proof of Payment

To claim your grant, you must submit scanned copies of original receipts or proofs of payment up to the value of your grant. Receipts or proofs of payment in any language other than Irish or English must be translated before being submitted. The date of receipt/proof of payment and amount being claimed must be clearly visible or the document will be automatically rejected.

Culture Ireland reserves the right to reject receipts and/or to demand original receipts or other proof of payment.

Receipts or proof of payment used to support your grant drawdown must not be used in support of another claim from Culture Ireland or for reimbursement from any other funder

6. Non-Euro claims

Grantees must quote the euro-exchange rate which applied on the date of transaction (i.e. the date you purchased an airline ticket or booked accommodation).

7. Summary Expenditure Sheet

Proof of payment submitted must be accompanied by a Summary Expenditure Sheet.

8. Online Report Form

Grantees must complete a post-event review using an online Report Form when submitting a grant drawdown claim.

Please click here to submit the Grant Round Outcome report form,

Please click here to submit Showcase/Delegate Outcome report form,

Please click here to submit See Here outcome report form.

9. Contact Details

All queries in relation to grants should be emailed to grants@cultureireland.gov.ie .


Please note that Culture Ireland retains the right to waiver or change any of the terms and conditions outlined above.