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TradFest is Ireland’s largest festival of traditional music featuring artists from the worlds of folk, nu-folk, and even rock and roll while also providing a springboard for the next generation of Irish musicians. TradFest offers concert goers unique opportunities to experience live music in some of Dublin’s most historic places from the breathtaking nave of St. Patrick’s Cathedral to the grandeur of City Hall.

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    St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin

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    St Werburgh's Church, Dublin

Culture Ireland has worked closely with TradFest to facilitate visits to the Dublin-based Festival by international presenters who are able to see a wide range of Irish traditional and folk artists. Culture Ireland supports Tradfest through the 'See Here' scheme specifically designed to promote the inward travel of international promoters and programmers to see - in this particular case - musicians perform at Tradfest with a view to booking them for oversea venues or festivals.