Is é Cultúr Éireann an comhlacht náisiúnta maidir le healaíona Éireannacha a chur chun cinn ar fud an domhain. Cruthaímid agus tugaimid tacaíocht do dheiseanna ealaíontóirí agus cuideachtaí Éireannacha a gcuid oibre a chur i láthair agus a chur chun cinn ag féilte agus ag ionaid straitéiseacha idirnáisiúnta. Cruthaímid deiseanna le sárobair chruthaitheach Éireannach a chur i láthair do lucht féachana idirnáisiúnta . Déantar seo trí thaispeántais ag príomhimeachtaí domhanda ealaíon. Áirítear orthu sin Féilte Dhún Éideann agus Venice Biennales.

Purpose of Awards

Culture Ireland offers support to Irish artists, arts organisations and international presenters to present work by Irish artists at significant international venues and festivals. Proposals are considered for events (e.g. performances, exhibitions or readings) the full costs of which cannot be met by the artist, company or international presenter. Culture Ireland considers applications for all forms of the arts as defined in the Arts Act 2003: “arts means any creative or interpretative expression (whether traditional or contemporary) in whatever form, and includes, in particular, visual arts, theatre, literature, music, dance, opera, film, circus and architecture, and includes any medium when used for those purposes”. To be eligible for funding the primary purpose of the proposed international visit must be to present the work of Irish artists to a wide audience through performance or exhibition. The applicant must demonstrate how the event will meet the criteria set out below. Decisions on applications for funding will be based on the extent to which they meet these criteria. Given the level of demand for Culture Ireland support, it will not be possible to fund all eligible applications, or to fund all applications for the full amount sought.


Funding Criteria

1. Quality of work and track record of artist / company

2. Level of geographic priority for Culture Ireland*

3. Profile of international venue / festival

4. Financial viability of the event (including level of support from presenter / other partners)

5. Proven capacity of applicant to present work internationally

6. Wider promotional and media impact


* Culture Ireland prioritises major English-language markets (US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) and major developing markets (China, India, Russia, Brazil and Turkey) and global cultural centres (e.g. Paris, Berlin)



Examples of eligible applications include

• Theatre and dance performances by professional companies

• Film-makers presenting films at key international festivals

• Performances by professional or professionally-led musicians and ensembles

• Visual artists exhibiting in internationally recognised galleries

• Readings by writers at international literary festivals


Examples of ineligible events include

• Events which have already taken place

• Research, study or professional training

• Residencies

• Participation in competitive music and dance events

• Workshops

• Presentation of work by amateur/non-professional artists


Eligible Costs

In supporting an event, Culture Ireland will typically offer funding towards the costs of travel/transport and sometimes also accommodation/subsistence, i.e. costs which relate directly to the international presentation of the event. Culture Ireland does not fund fees, production costs, publicity or copyright/royalties.