Time Over Distance Over Time

Wales • Dance
11 Nov 2018— 17 Nov 2018

Time Over Distance Over Time

Points North

The Dance House, Pierhead St, Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay, CF10 4PH

When the distances between us are somehow increasing in a world that's meant to be getting smaller, how do we “bridge the gap”?

Time Over Distance Over Time invites you to join a cast of six dancers wrestle with the physical; and emotional distance they encounter while living at opposite ends of the planet. Their stories are not unlike those of the Irish diaspora from 150 years ago as the experience of emigration deeply challenges a person’s sense of identity and control of his or her destiny. Digital technology is the lifeline; but ultimately a poor substitute for the full presence of a person, standing beside you and understanding you.

Working remotely with a cast living between Australia and Ireland, this piece highlights the sense of fragmentation that occurs over distances in relationships when the full physicality of a loved one is reduced to a voice down the phone or a two-dimensional image on a screen.

Image:  Liz Roche Company, Time Over Distance Over Time. Photo credit: Luca Truffarelli