State of Print

England, Scotland •
01 Jun 2018— 24 Dec 2018

State of Print


Centerspace, Dundee Contemporary Arts 152 Nethergate, Dundee
Generator, Unit 25/26/ Mid Wynd Ind Est, Dundee DD1 4JG
West Ward Works, Guthrie Street, Dundee DD1 5BR
THE WORM, 11 Castle Street, Aberdeen, AB11 5BQ
Spike Island,133 Cumberland Rd, Bristol BS1 6UX

State of Print is built from the ground up - from the building blocks of die cut cardboard boxes – each artist printing a series of images to the flat pack forms prior to them being assembled into boxes on site and combined strategically in response to the available space. The state has expanded by invitation to artists across Great Britain- contributions in the form of a printed box(es) builds the capacity of the state – with each contributor becoming a citizen of the State of Print.

This flexible construction will create a sculptural environment – a state – that will provide the set/backdrop/stage/surface for further layers of commentary – presenting surfaces on which to project images and film for example, or a stage set with which to engage through performance or debate. The further potential of developing the paraphernalia of the state will be explored. This will include printed currency, newspapers, passports, awards and propaganda for example. A customised Risograph machine will print the manifesto and other paraphernalia of the state on site. The state of print has no boundaries. It can be reconstituted and reconfigured continually.

It is our intention to proclaim the declaration of independence of the State of Print at the inaugural exhibition in Dundee whilst simultaneously distributing the manifesto at partner venues across Europe such as Ireland, Great Britain and Spain. The entire project will be documented, disseminated through web and social media and form a substantial printed publication reflecting on the issues raised by the State of Print.