faigh ar ais ar an fhairraige

England • Visual Arts
04 Mar 2018— 17 Mar 2018

faigh ar ais ar an fhairraige

Rye Creative Centre

New Road, Rye, East Sussex, TN31 7LS

Shane Finan is a visual artist from Sligo, Ireland, working in painting, installation and interactive media art. His work relates to the role of people in place and landscape, and the transience of identity of places. This project documents erosion and coastal movement through the recorded history in the area of Rye, and comparative research with current coastal movements in Ireland caused by storms, flooding and sea level increases. Two large-scale digital artworks will be exhibited at the Rye Creative Centre, using imagery from Ireland and the area near Rye. These works will encourage audience participation through projection and touchscreen elements, highlighting the role of the individual and the role of technology  as central to altering global warming. The artworks will incorporate paintings that analyse changes of landscape and terminology related to landscape.

Rye sits in an area of land that was once surrounded by sea. In the 13th Century storms shifted the landscape in the area, shifting large banks of land and moving the coast away from the town. The nearby (Old) Winchelsea was destroyed in February 1287 by large storms and heavy flooding, where the land was pulled back into the sea. The link between the movement of coast and the power of the sea to divide, add and remove from the island landscape is historical and contemporary. Current extremes in global warming predict an increase in beach movement and erosion in Ireland and the UK through increased extreme weather conditions.

Image: Shane Finan, apo, multi-media, interactive, installation work, installed at Duncairn Arts Centre, Belfast. Photograph courtesy of the artist