Devotions, Keepsakes and Talismans

England • Visual Arts
06 Oct 2018— 03 Nov 2018

Devotions, Keepsakes and Talismans

Morley Gallery

61 Westminster Bridge Road, London, SE1 7HT

Devotions, Keepsakes and Talismans is the debut solo exhibition of artworks by Sara Baume.

Though Baume originally trained as an artist specialising in sculpture, for the past several years her prevailing occupation has been the writing of fiction. The idea for this exhibition grew out of conversations concerning her second novel, A Line Made by Walking, which was shortlisted for the Goldsmiths Prize in 2017.

Ever since Baume started writing fiction, she has synchronously been making small sculptures in the spirit of amateur craft, appropriating certain materials and methodologies. For Baume, making is a way of thinking and searching free from the constraints of language, and yet she applies the same strategies to both practices – initially harvesting fragments from her surroundings, habitually embellishing or obscuring from reality, and ultimately piecing everything together into a form of narrative.

The three projects – Devotions, Keepsakes, and Talismans – which make up this exhibition are composed of many small, handmade, singular yet similar objects. Each project borrows from the aesthetic principles and symbolism of the souvenir; each arose out of superstition and solicitude.

Image: Sara Baume, Devotions, acrylic on clay and twigs, 2017