Barrack Room Ballads

England • Music
25 Aug 2018— 27 Aug 2018

Barrack Room Ballads

The National Army Museum

Royal Hospital Rd, Chelsea, London SW3 4HT

As part of their 1918/100 celebrations, London’s National Army Museum hosts The Belfast Ensemble and Youth Music Theatre UK for the premiere of Irish composer Conor Mitchell’s Barrack Room Ballads. The work - a large scale music-theatre installation - sets bawdy music-hall texts by Kipling and is charged with many energies; being performed by Irish professionals and UK young people.

Site specific to a museum that opens many questions about the role/need/ethics of the armed forces, The Belfast Ensemble’s involvement brings an exciting dynamic through the Northern Irish questions they pose in relation to the museum itself.

Image: Barrack Room Ballads by The Belfast Ensemble