Across the Water

England • Music
06 Feb 2018— 31 Dec 2018

Across the Water

London Irish Centre

50 - 52 Camden Square, NW1 9XB, London

Through 2018, The London Irish Centre (LIC) will bring 100 Irish artists to London to participate in Across the Water.

Through a flagship concert series, quarterly showcases with Music from Ireland, a cultural festival in June, a series of interview with Irish writers and a new film club partnership with the Irish Film Institute, London will get a taste of the very best of established and emerging Irish cultural talent.

Also within the year-long programme, the LIC will curate ‘Irish Week’ at the long-running Camden Fringe Festival, launch a series of ‘London Irish Lectures’, present two TED-style ‘Ireland – an Open Mic’ events, and co-host a new quarterly Irish cultural meet up in partnership with the Irish Cultural Centre.

This special activity takes place alongside and within the LIC’s diverse and fast-growing programme of Irish cultural events, courses, festivals and pop-ups.
At the centre of the programme will be a cultural gala with Dermot O’Leary, Ed Sheeran and friends.

Image: Landless